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“MacDon's FD70 FlexDraper® has changed my life.”

Bruce Nelson, Clark, SD


Bruce Nelson

I used to just hate flex heads. I absolutely detested them. In this area our beans tend to be short, and the flex auger heads just wouldn’t cut them off properly – just a real raggy job. The reel wouldn’t work right, so we were shelling the beans and having to run slow. I hated to go to the field in the morning, because it was just another day of doing a job that I wasn’t proud of. I always thought that a draper would do a better job, and MacDon has proven me right with the FlexDraper. It does everything I had hoped for and more. Not only is it much easier and less fatiguing to run, we were also 20% wider and able to operate at the same speed, if not more. More important, the cut was significantly better with much less shatter than a flex auger head running at the same speed. For me, it’s truly been a life changing deal, especially because I’m no longer dead tired from sitting on the edge of my seat all day. Now, when I now look back at the end of the day at the large area I’ve covered, and the beans I’ve cut look beautiful, I must say it’s very gratifying.

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