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“Our M Series windrower is the most comfortable ride we’ve ever had.”

Bryan Houmes, Veedersburg, IN


Bryan Houmes

MacDon’s new Ultra-Glide™ suspension in its M Series windrowers has really impressed us. I really noticed it when I harvested a field for a neighbour and accidentally did it cutting across his windrows. The ride was so smooth I didn’t notice my mistake and did the whole field that way. My neighbour really got a kick out of that. We also like the windrower’s speed on the highway. We can drive to Park County, which is about 32 miles (51 km) from here, and come back the same day and still have enough time to mow 200 acres (80.9 hectares). In the field we can harvest our hay at about 12 MPH (19 km/h), which lets us cut a lot more, faster. The R85 header is very durable and dependable, and performs very well when the cutting gets tough. In fact, it’s the only way we can compete with western hay that’s wet.  Our MacDon rotary disc windrower let’s us make high quality hay for the dairies.

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