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“The R80 will beat any other rotary disc on the market.”

Charlie Lutmer, Lebanon, OH


Charlie Lutmer

There are many things that we like about the R80; in fact we haven't found anything wrong with it yet. The frame is built extremely well. It travels down the road well, opens fields well and has given us a huge productivity boost. Even though it's one foot wider than our old 12 foot (3.7 m) machine, we're still able to cut faster. In fact, it will cut whatever you put in front of it and we can put down so much hay that we can keep one large square baler and two small square ballers running all day. It's only limiting factor is the size of the tractor in front of it. The R80 also traverses the ground much better than our previous machine, which would dig into the mud in wet or damp conditions. In contrast, we can mow in difficult conditions and the R80 just floats across. That means we can get into field much earlier to cut. We also like the R80's APT hitch, which distributes the load across the full width of the tractor, unlike competitors hitches which place the entire load on the gear box when in a turn. That hitch allows us to make smoother, tighter turns, and open up fields with one less pass than before. But what really sold us on the R80 was its conditioning rolls. MacDon's intermeshing bar design does not bruise the leaf when you adjust the rolls to crush because they leave room at the top for the plant to go. As a result you do not get the crop residue build up like with other designs that completely crush the plant. The result has been a pretty significant difference in dry down for us, and in alfalfa we're actually baling four to five hours sooner than we were before.

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