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“No matter what crop we put our MacDon rotary in, we're gaining at least twice the capacity.”

Chris Carey, Boulder, MT


Chris Carey

Our hay machines get a pretty good test around here; about every kind of cutting you can imagine. This year has been especially tough with the extra rain, and in such conditions our old machines would plug up so bad we would have to wait a couple of days to get going again. But not with our new MacDon R80. Gumming up was just not an issue; we just keep a rolling. The R80 has also made us significantly more productive - no matter what crop we put it in we’re gaining at least twice the capacity. We have some grass hay that gets so tall and thick you can’t imagine anything can cut it, especially if it is lodged a little bit. We're able to cut that at three or four miles an hour whereas before, with our previous machine, we were cutting at one mile an hour. As such, we’ve pretty much gained a week in our harvesting. Normally our harvest takes about 220 hours, but this year we finished up around 150 – some seventy hours less. I don’t know what we’ve done with that extra week, but we certainly didn’t spend it sitting in the swather

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