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“There are many reasons to love our M200 swathers.”

Dan Lamb, Bakersfield, CA


Dan Lamb

Our crews just love our new M200 swathers. The cabs are much more roomy, the seating is noticeably more comfortable and even the air-conditioning is better than before; overall, it's just a much more comfortable work environment for the operator. The M200 is also much, much easier to service than our previous swathers. We really like the way the steps and maintenance platform can be moved away to allow easy access to the hydraulics, or back into position so you can get up there to service the motor. The air filter is also very easy to access. Another big plus of the machine is the Dual Direction® feature. You can turn the seat around and go down the road at 23 miles an hour (37 km/h) rather than 15 miles an hour (24 km/h) with the old machines. Our furthest fields can be 15 to 20 miles (24 to 32 km/h), so going faster on the road saves significant time.

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