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“Our MacDon swathers make good business sense – they save us fuel, maintenance and time.”

David Masse, Starbuck, MB


David Masse

Trading off our three older swathers with two new MacDon M Series swathers was one of the best things we’ve ever done. They’re the best piece of machinery on our farm; I’ve never seen anything cut canola like that before. We’re saving on equipment, we‘re saving on fuel and we’re saving on maintenance. We’re also saving time. We do a lot of roading with our swathers and the 23 MPH (37 km/h) road speed on those swathers is absolutely vital to our farming operation now because it gives us the ability to get out to a field and cut it quickly, then pack up and go again. We’ve done the math. MacDon swathers may cost a bit more, but we make back that premium many times over in increased productivity. For us, they’re not just good swathers, they make good business sense.

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