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“MacDon's R80 was the first rotary machine good enough for our operation.”

David Sharp, Roll, AZ


David Sharp

Here in the desert southwest, we put up alfalfa pretty much all year long. We’ve tested a lot of rotary disc machines for other manufacturers, but we were never satisfied with the end results. We felt there was a lot of leaf bruising and stripping. Also, the cut was too ragged and that meant that residue was left for the next cutting, further hurting crop quality. But with the R80 Rotary Disc, MacDon has answered those issues. The cutting is even, the conditioning much better and the windrows a lot more uniform. That uniformity is important when it comes to drying, raking and baling, and we are finally getting the crop quality we need and our customers demand. Better still, the R80 mounted on our MacDon M200 Windrower has made us significantly more productive. Because we’re cutting up to 12 MPH (19 km/h) in the field, and traveling up to 23 MPH (37 km/h) between fields, our harvesting is much faster. That’s allowed us to go from two swathers to one, reduced our labor costs and has had a dramatic impact on our bottom line.

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