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“With MacDon's Rotary Disc Windrower we were able to fly at up to 12 MPH (19 km/h).”

Denver Pugh, Shedd, OR


Denver Pugh

Last year, we ran six windrowers, but this year we ran only three units - two new MacDon M200s with R80 Rotary Disc headers and one older windrower which we only used to open the fields. When the weather turned hot, our crops ripened faster and our normal three week harvest turned into two. I was worried that we would not be able to do it with just two machines but they kept up just fine, primarily because of their increased speed on the highway and in the field. In the field we were running on average 10 to 10.5 miles an hour (16 to 16.8 km/h), and we did peak out at 12 MPH (19 km/h) every now and again. As such, we were able to average 250 acres (101 hectares) a day and the only limiting factor was the ripeness of the crop. We were also able to save time on maintenance. Because the R80 is hydraulically driven, doesn’t have knives or guards, and we only had three instead of six units to service, we were able to get out there cutting sooner than normal and add two hours cutting a day.

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