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“MacDon's D Series feeds better than any other draper I've used.”

Don Boles, Three Hills, AB


Don Boles

I’ve run a 30 ft. (9.1 m) D60 on my 9860 for the last three years and just love it. It feeds a lot better across all crops and conditions than any other draper I’ve used. This is mostly due to its wide feed draper on the CA20 combine adapter, which allows fluffy crops like peas or canola more room to fall, and the CA20’s large feed auger. In peas the D60 has performed flawlessly. The pattern that the reel fingers travel is really gentle on the peas and I think that this minimizes shatter due to any reel engagement. I also like how it doesn’t push the ground, even when you are skimming it. You can cut very close thanks to the D60’s excellent flotation, hydraulic header tilt, automatic header height control and poly wear plates under the cutterbar. MacDon drapers continue to lead the industry thanks to features like these. As far as maintenance goes the D60 performed absolutely trouble free in the three years I have had it. In fact, I went through all of one year and I didn’t work on the knife at all.

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