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“MacDon M Series Windrowers have grown our business.”

Donald Love, Mayfield, Mid-Canterbury, New Zealand


Donald Love

In our business productivity is the key word. We wanted to have the latest technology to stay ahead of the field, and that meant MacDon. I was impressed with the ability to interchange auger and draper headers on the same machines. That's important for us because we tend to do a lot of transporting and moving from crop to crop on any given day. I was also very impressed with the fast transport speed of the M Series machines. Being able to run on the highway up to 37 km/h (23 MPH) saves us a lot of time. As far as servicing goes, they've just been fantastic compared to what we were using before. The amount of downtime required to grease them is nothing, and we really love the sliding platform that gives you easy access to the engine and all important service points. Even more impressive is the performance of the D60 drapers up front. We've never seen anything like them. We used to think that harvesting canola at 2.5 ha./hr. (6.18 ac./hr.) with 15 footers (4.6 m) was pretty good and we did our budgets on that. Now, if we're not doing 4 ha/hr (9.88 ac./hr.) then we're not satisfied. Our business has grown a lot because these machines have allowed us to take on more work. The running costs have also been reasonably low thanks to the fact that they are built so well. I tell people if you want to be serious about contract windrowing, then you need to be using MacDons. They're the commercial windrower of choice.

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