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“We put our MacDon M150 in fields we dare not put our other swather.”

John Burns, Wynyard, SK


John Burns

It was so wet last year that with virtually every operation, whether it was seeding, combining, spraying or swathing, we had to have a tow tractor sitting within a mile to get ourselves out of trouble if we got stuck. As bad as those conditions were, we only had to pull our MacDon M150 swathers out twice, and that was in a field that was a third water, if not bog. In contrast, our other (non-MacDon) swather got stuck at least 10 times more. It got to the point that we wouldn't even try to put it into some fields, and would leave those fields to our M150s. I think that the difference was the size of the M150 tires, plus their power to ground ratio which gave them the ability to just hang in there and pull themselves through when conditions got bad. We were also very pleased with the cutting performance of the MacDon's 40 foot (12.2 m) D60s. In canola and wheat we were able to cut between 25% and 50% more than we were able to do with our other machine. This was partly due to them having slightly bigger headers, but mostly because they have much bigger openings at the back that can accommodate more material.

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