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“If not for our MacDon FD Series, our oats would have been toast.”

John Burns, Wynyard, SK


John Burns

In the fall of 2009 we received almost two feet of snow, which downed everything we had left to harvest including 600 acres (242.8 hectares) of oats which were flat to the ground just like peas. The fact that we were able to harvest them was entirely due to our FD Series and their ability to shave the ground in wet, muddy conditions. It was incredible to see - those FD Series were picking up oats that were taller behind the combine than they were in front. In the end we got 115 bushels to the acre and they graded number-two. For us to get marketable grain after conditions like that, well that's simply amazing. We had neighbors shaking their heads wondering how we did it. They would drive by slowly and say they could not believe that we got that crop off.

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