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“With the FlexDraper® we're gaining up to two bushels of beans an acre.”

Keevin Lemenager, Clayton, IN


Keevin Lemenager

We used a MacDon FlexDraper for the first time in the fall of 06 on double crop beans and we were sold on it right away. We were running a 40 foot (12.2 m) platform auger head next to a 36 foot (10.9 m) FlexDraper and we found, when we counted beans, that we were getting 1½ to 2 bushels more with the FlexDraper thanks to less head loss due to shatter. That more than pays for the difference in purchase cost. In the past the limiting factor for speed has always been the header for us, but now with the MacDon FlexDraper our combines are actually the limiting factor. Previously, with our auger we had roping and bunching so it wasn’t feeding uniformly through the combine, but the FlexDraper delivers uniform feeding through the threshing cylinder so we can go faster. The header even helps us harvest more each day – the head will even feed higher moisture material so we can run a half hour before anyone else can with an auger platform and at least a half hour later.

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