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“The MacDon M Series Windrower is the biggest jump in machinery technology that I've ever seen.”

Lorne Carr, Innisfail, AB


Lorne Carr

This year we had the heaviest crop we have ever grown. A lot of our barley was lodged and a lot of our canola was down, lodged and stooped. In these conditions our M150 windrower with a MacDon 30-foot D60 draper header performed far superior to our old windrower with a 21-foot (6.4 m) header. With our old windrower, it would have been nothing but solid mounds in a crop like that and we would have had to stop quite often to get things unplugged. But with this new D60 we had no trouble at all getting that heavy crop through the opening. We also really liked features like the return to cut and the hydraulic header tilt. We would set our height at say six-inches and then, when we hit the downed stuff, we would just tilt the table to shave the ground - we never had to adjust the height. When back in standing crop we would just tilt the header back up and the monitor's readout would tell us exactly where we were at. We also noticed an improvement picking up the swath with the combine. You would think that going from 21 feet to 30 feet (6.4 to 9.1 m) that you would have to slow the combine down to pick up the bigger swath, but we didn't have to. I think that was because the swath was smoother and more even. You definitely get more productivity from your combine. Speed wise it is difficult to compare to our older header because we had such a heavy crop, but moving up to a 30-foot (9.1 m) draper definitely helped us get the job done quicker. Before, a 150 acre (61 hectare) field would take us nearly two days to cut, but after eight to ten hours with this new one we were done and going home.

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