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“MacDon's Rotary Disc Windrower goes through molehills like they're not there.”

Lorne Carr, Innisfail, AB


Lorne Carr

My M150 R80 Rotary Disc Windrower is so much better than the auger we were using before. Before when we tried to cut wet Timothy hay with molehills, we would stop and get out to unplug sometimes every 10 minutes. But with the M150 R80 you don’t even know that the hills are there. They might pull the engine down 100 RPMs but you wouldn’t even notice that if you weren’t watching. Our down time in the field is now basically none. Another improvement is in our field speed. With the old auger in that crop we would be lucky to be doing 3.5 MPH (5.6 km/h), but with the R80 we are able to average 6 to 7 MPH (10-12 km/h). I’ve even had it as high as 10 MPH (16 km/h), and it still cut perfectly and laid just as good a swath, but I just don’t like going that fast. I really like the swath it lays, especially if you lay it out wide, then it lays just an absolutely beautiful, even, perfect windrow.

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