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“Our FD70 brought my blood pressure down.”

Mike Wagner, Sumner, MS


Mike Wagner

In rice our FD70 has reduced slugging into our combines and choke-ups. That means we can harvest quicker, 20% to 30% more a day - sometimes even a 100% under the right conditions such as when it is lodged. In soybeans it cuts down on dust by 60% or 70% and significantly reduces shatter, especially in weird growing seasons like we had this year. We were cutting soybeans that were popped out, and we were still throwing green beans into the hopper. If we’d had a flex auger header out there trying to do what we were doing we would have left a lot on the ground. The difference may have been two, three – even four – bushels an acre. The FD70 is simply the best header we have ever owned. It’s combination of width, flex, ground sensitivity, even feeding and gentle crop handling; no one else is able to do that - only MacDon. To my mind, having a MacDon header is the first step in getting the most you are going to get out of any crop.

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