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“We're up to 40% more productive with MacDon's new Draper Windrower.”

Murray Taks, Crossfield, AB


Murray Taks

I’m very impressed with our M Series windrowers. We went from three 20’ (6.1 m) swathers to two 25’ (7.6 m) D60s, and we were 10% to 20% more productive with those two D60s than we were with the three. I didn’t think MacDon could improve on their 972 draper, but they have. The D60s are so much more productive – they’ve got such a big hole and nice clearance on the tractor that you can put them down and go. In canola they performed extremely well. Our field speeds, where our canola wasn’t down, were up as high as eight or nine miles an hour and we experienced similar speeds in our standing wheat. We were told the D60s could be 40% more productive than MacDon’s 972s, which I didn’t really believe was possible, but now I’ve seen it.

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