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“We're recovering up to $15,000 more in beans with the FlexDraper®.”

Tim McGrady, Hillsboro, IN


Tim McGrady

There’s just no comparison between the MacDon FlexDraper and a table auger. So far every situation we’ve put it in, it’s handled just fine. We just don’t have problems with bunch feeding anymore as the FlexDraper just feeds like a dream. We’re also able to follow the contours better with this 40 foot (12.2 m) FlexDraper than we did with our 35 foot (10.6 m) flex platform. It cuts beans off closer to the ground and sends them in so evenly and gently that we experience a lot less shatter loss and recover more beans – at least a bushel an acre. With the price of the beans right now, we’re easily looking at recovering $10,000 more in beans, probably realistically closer to $15,000 with this header. After seeing what the FlexDraper can do I don’t know why you would want to cut with an auger platform – it’s just really as simple as that. There’s not too many things I’d do a testimonial on, but this is one thing that I would. I’m sold on it.

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