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“You have to see an FD Series FlexDraper® working to believe it.”

Wally Linneweber, Vincennes, IN


Wally Linneweber

When I first saw a FlexDraper®, my first thought was who’d want that? I remembered the old combines with canvas feed from the 60s and how sand and dirt would get between the canvas and the cylinder. When that happened it wouldn’t turn and you would have to get out and pull the belt to get it going. But MacDon has solved all that; they’ve made so many improvements that you just can’t imagine how much better the FD70s are over an auger. FlexDrapers feed so evenly you don’t get the big wads like you do with an auger. You can get extra time in the morning when it’s really tough cutting conditions and at night when things are tough. When it moistures up you can still cut through it. I can cut at least four more hours a day with it than I can with an auger. In fact the conditions round here were so tough this year that neighbours broke augers on green beans; but we had no problem. If you’re still cutting beans with an auger, you owe it to yourself to try a MacDon FlexDraper®. I have a neighbour who finally bought one after I’ve been telling him that he needed one for three or four years. He couldn’t imagine what the difference was until he got one and saw it with his own eyes. You basically have to see it to believe it.

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