Congrats Karl!

If you’ve been on the run, chances are you know Karl Brooks, so it’s no surprise that he’s been inducted into the U.S. Custom Harvesters Hall of Fame!

At their annual convention last January in Des Moines, Iowa, our own U.S Parts Manager Karl Brooks was inducted into the U.S. Custom Harvesters Hall of Fame! The U.S. Custom Harvesters follow the harvest each year, beginning in south Texas, moving throughout the Midwest and up into the Canadian prairies, harvesting crops of all kinds as they move north. MacDon has always been supportive of this organization, and the many MacDon header owners in the group.

From our humble beginnings with a rented truck and trailer, to today’s version with a semi-trailer stocked with parts, along with well-equipped and trained technicians, Karl has always been an influential and tireless advocate for the program. Attending the annual conventions on behalf of MacDon is only part of Karl’s commitment – he has also dedicated many hours in the parts van, in the dealerships that host our temporary locations across the county, and in the field - building and strengthening our relationship with this vital group of customers. Just as importantly, Karl has trained, mentored and encouraged many new employees and summer students over the years, providing much needed and appreciated support. Many thanks to all the MacDon people who secretly participated in the nomination process and provided written or video testaments for use at the celebration – Karl was caught completely by surprise!

From all of us at MacDon congratulations, Karl – well done and well deserved!